[VAP11N] Initial Connecting and Configuring

A computer with an installed WEB browser is used for configuring an adapter WiFi VAP11N. A computer will be necessary only for initial connecting of a device to a WiFi network.

Initial setup consists of the next stages:

  • Connecting to a WEB interface of a device;
  • Configuring parameters of a WiFi network;
  • Changing parameters of an access to a device (optional);
  • Disabling WiFi Repeater function (optional);
  • Configuring a static IP address (optional).

Connecting to a WEB Interface of a Device

              To connect to a WEB interface of a device, configure your computer to receive an IP address dynamically (DHCP), plug an adapter VAP11N to an Ethernet port of a computer and into USB (power supply). In 30 seconds a computer will receive an IP address from a device VAP11N. You can check receiving an IP address in Windows OS with the help of a command ipconfig. After receiving an IP address, start a WEB browser and go to the address: http://vonets.cfg

A login form will appear on a screen:

User name: admin , password: admin

Configuring Parameters of a WiFi Network

A list of WiFi networks, which are in a range of a device, is displayed on a main page of a WEB interface. Select a network and click the button Next.

A form for filling up WiFi network parameters will appear on a screen, and you will need to enter a password to connect to a network. Enter a password into a field Pass Phrase and click the button Apply.

After WiFi network parameters configuring is completed, wait for 30 seconds and reboot a device, turning off its power supply (disconnect it from a USB port, and reconnect to a USB port).

After a reboot, a device should connect to a WiFi network. A computer and a VAP11N must receive new IP address from DHCP server of a WiFi network. After receiving an IP address, a computer can interact with devices in a WiFi network. If an adapter connects to a WiFi network, then everything was done properly, and the adapter is ready to be connected to a NetPing device. Plug an adapter VAP11N to an Ethernet port of a NetPing. Plug a power supply cable of an adapter to +5V/+12V terminals (red cable) and GND (black cable).

Changing Parameters of an Access to a Device

Simple login and password are set by default to access a device. They can be easily guessed or collated. It is recommended to change a user name and a password for an access to a device to protect it from unauthorized access. Go to the menu System Settings -> Login Settings and set up new user name and password. After finishing click the button Apply.

Disabling WiFi Repeater Function

On default a device performs a WiFi Repeater function. This function helps to expand a WiFi network coverage area without installing additional access points. To do this, an adapter itself becomes an access point. This functionality is not needed for many scenarios. Also, an additional access point can pollute broadcasting for other pointsTo disable a WiFi Repeater functionality, go to the menu WiFi Repeater -> Basic Settings. Check a check box Hidden and click the button Apply. Afterwards, reboot a device, disconnecting it from a USB port. An example of a WiFi Repeater function disabling is represented on the picture.

Configuring a Static IP Address

On default a device receives an IP address from a DHCP serverTo set a fixed IP address, go to the menu Host IP -> Host IP. In a dropdown list Connection Type select Static IP and fill in a necessary IP address, a mask, a gateway, a DNS server.