[VAP11N] A Device Overview

In this section, a purpose of a WiFi VAP11N adapter and its appearance are described.

A Purpose of a Device

A WiFi VAP11N adapter allows connecting NetPing devices to WiFi networks. An adapter is used if there is no Ethernet network in the place of NetPing device installation, but there is a wireless WiFi. With the help of VAP11N it is possible to connect a NetPing device to a wireless WiFi network. An adapter works as a bridge Ethernet <-> WiFi. It is connected to an Ethernet port of a NetPing device, is configured for connecting to an existing WiFi network and provides a transparent operation of a NetPing device through the already existing WiFi network infrastructure.

WiFi VAP11N adapter supports WiFi Repeater functionwhich allows to expand WiFi network coverage area without installing any additional access points. An adapter itself becomes an access point .WiFi Repeater function is optional and can be disabled.

A computer with a WEB browser, one Ethernet port and one USB port is necessary to configure a VAP11N device.


An appearance of a device is shown at a picture: