[ENG] 8.4. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] Configuring Loop Power

Loop power of a smoke sensor is configured on the page «ANLG SMOKE SENSOR» of a device web interface:

Configuring loop power of a smoke sensor in a UniPing server solution v3SMS device


Loop Power – is switching on/off voltage power of a sensor or loop power transmission to the logic module. On default: On

Loop Power Voltage – is choosing sensor power voltage, only 12 V is available. On default: 12V

Time for Sensor Reset by powering Loop off, s – is time, for which power will be switched off from a sensor loop for its reset. On default: 5

Activate Reset – is a checkbox, when checked a current sensor will be reset by switching off power for a specified period of time. To perform the reset, check a checkbox and click the button «Apply changes». On default: checkbox is not checked

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».