[ENG] 8.2. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] Configuring Events: Alarm, Loop Breakage, Short Circuit in the Loop

To configure the threshold for such events as the alarm, loop breakage, the short circuit in the loop of a smoke sensor, there is a need to go to the page «ANLG SMOKE SENSOR» of a device web interface:

Configuring events of a smoke sensor in a NetPing device

In the section «Monitoring Setup», it is possible to set the parameters, which will determine the status of a current sensor.

A current sensor can take three statuses besides normal and de-energized ones. They are:

  • Alert;
  • Loop breakage;
  • Short circuit in the loop

For each status, you can specify threshold conditions, within which a sensor will take a corresponding status.

Parameter of the Loop – specifies a parameter, according to the value of which a decision will be made about changing a status of a sensor status. Possible parameters are: «Resistance, Ohm», «Current, mA», «Votlage, mV». On default: Resistance

Condition – a sensor status will be changed is a current loop parameter will be more/less than a threshold value. On default: depending on the status

Threshold – is a value of a threshold, when crossed a sensor status will be changed. On default: depending on the status

Hysteresis – is a «dead zone» of a parameter near a threshold. It is necessary for eliminating switching of a status caused by small occasional variations of a measured loop parameter near specified thresholds which is a result of electric interferences, contact bouncing, etc. On default200 (Alarm), 200 (Loop breakage), 50 (Short circuit in the loop)