[ENG] 6.1. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] Configuring a Relay Management Mode

A management mode of a built-in relay is configured at the page «RELAY» of a device web interface:

Configuring the management mode of a relay in a web interface of the device UniPing server solution v3SMS

This page allows controlling an outgoing channel of a built-in relay. A channel can be switched on/off for a short time, or switched to the mode «Manual Off», «Manual On», «Watchdog», «Schedule», «Schedule+Watchdog», «Logic».

Source of control – is a relay management mode. It is possible to configure the next modes:  

  • Manual Off – a relay is constantly switched off;
  • Manual On – a relay is constantly switched on;
  • Watchdog – a relay is managed by the module «Watchdog»;
  • Schedule – a relay is managed by the module «Schedule»;
  • Schedule+watchdog – a relay is managed by both module «Schedule», and module «Watchdog» simultaneously. The module «Schedule» switches on and off a relay on the basis of a specified schedule. The module «Watchdog» checks the availability of a device in a network (ICMP-request/response). If the module «Watchdog» discovers failure in the work of a device (no response to an ICMP-request), a relay changes its status to the opposite one for the short time depending on the configuration of the module «Schedule»;
  • Logic – a relay is used as a logic output

Switch On for short time (15s) – when clicking the button «On» a corresponding relay will be switched on for 15 seconds.

Switch Off for short time (15s) – when clicking the button «Off» a corresponding relay will be switched off for 15 seconds.

Relay state – is a current status of a relay. Possible variants are: «Off», «On». A relay status is updated automatically when changing a status of a relay with no need to refresh the entire page.

Memo – is a field for browsing or changing a brief description of a relay. A memo is used in the notifications of log and SYSLOG, and is duplicated on the page of the module «Watchdog», is included in SMS notifications (for a device with a built-in GSM modem), e-mail notifications and e-mail reports about a status of sensors. A maximum size is 30 characters. On default: empty line

After setting all necessary parameters click the button «Apply changes».