[ENG] 14.6. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] Reset Signal and Initial Statuses of Outputs

At the start of the firmware operation or when clicking the button «Reset» on the page «LOGIC» of a device web interface, the outputs that are managed by the logic are set to the indicate the initial status. On default, this is the status «off», or «logic 0». Another status can be set using the rule that uses the reset signal «RESET» as the input on the page «LOGIC».

During 5 seconds after the reset, the signal has the value «logic 1». The rule with a condition «= 1» works in the moment of the reset. A rule with a condition «= 0» works 5 seconds after the reset moment. Therefore, it is possible to form a 5-second external pulse at one or several outputs or ensure a correct consequence of powering external devices.

If the operation of logic is stopped, the rules «If/while RESET = 0», which correspond to the ending of the «RESET» signal, work after clicking the controlling button «Start» on the page «LOGIC» of a device web interface.