[ENG] 13.3. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] Is It Possible to Reproduce IR Commands through the SNMP?

IR commands may be reproduced through the SNMP protocol. A necessary information is contained in the MIB file that corresponds to the used firmware version of a device. It is possible to download a requested MIB file from the pages with a description of devices in the section «Documentation and Files»:

It is possible to record commands using a device web interface only.

Reproducing IR commands via an SNMP protocol:

  1. Before issuing the IR command, make sure that a transceiver is in the standby mode by reading its status through the OID . A status value «commandCompleted (0)» or «commandAccepted (2)» means that IR transceiver is ready to reproduce the IR command;
  2. To issue an IR command, write a number of a command (a  number of a cell with the saved command) in OID .;
  3. If a transceiver is in the status «protocolError (1)», a reset is performed by recording the value «1» to OID . (it is true for the IR extension module IRC-TR v1);
  4. After the reset, there is a need to wait for the readiness «commandCompleted (0)» by reading the status. If the repeated reproducing of the IR command does not break the logic of the equipment operation, then the command should be issued repeatedly 2-4 times, checking the readiness each time before issuing a command.

All statuses of the IR extension module may be browsed in the MIB files DKSF_70.6.x_ MB.mib, DKSF_71.6.x_ MB.mib (OID «npIrStatus») or on the page «[ENG] 16.3. [DKSF 70/71.6 IU] What OID Are Supported by a Device?» of this firmware description.