[ENG] [995S2] Overview and Key Features

The physical configuration of the device is shown in the photo:

Overview and Key Features

Bottom view:

Bottom view

View from above:

View from above

Device specificationsMeaning
Threshold response (valid only for 995S2 modification, intended for 220 V network)178–193 V
Threshold release (valid only for 995S2 modification, intended for 220 V network)155175 V
Supply voltage required for the correct operation of internal components and maintain operability

70250 В 50/60 Hz

Overvoltage impulsesup to 350 V for a duration of 50 ms, not more than 2 times per minute
Number of network voltage measuring channels1 pc.
Operating Temperature Range-30 ° С ... +50 ° С (without moisture condensation, normal humidity)
The type of output/condition of the contactsА dry contact, switching (N.C. and N.O. contacts), voltage up to 24 V, current up to 0.5 A
The case/the degree of case protectionplastic/IP20
Weight101 gram
Device dimentions89 х 50 х 31