[ENG] [910S21] Installation and Connection

The power quality monitoring sensor can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface. There are no mounting holes.

When you install the sensor pay attention to the next restrictions:

  • Do not expose the sensor to direct sunlight.
  • Do not install the sensor near heat sources.
  • Do not open the sensor case.
  • Avoid getting liquid on the sensor particularly on the connectors.

The sequence of connection:

Step 1

Remove the sensor 9120S21 from its packaging. Put it onto the place you need.

910S21 Installation

Step 2

Connect the sensor to the 1-wire port of the device (or through an extension-splitter) to which you are connecting it.

910S21 connection to 1-wire

Step 3

Connect the sensor to the power supply.

910S21 power supply

The configuration of the sensor and notifications you can see in a description of a built-in firmware on a connected host device.