[SM4] NP-SM4 Switch Overview

In this section a using area of a device is described as well as its appearance, sockets and indication elements.

A Purpose of a Device

NP-SM4 – is an uncontrollable switch with 4 ports. A peculiarity of this switch is its power supply feeding from PoE (IEEE 802.3.at or IEEE 802.3.af) with a possibility to further transmit a PoE power supply. This helps to connect NP-SM4 switches in a circuit, using only an Ethernet cable.

NP-SM4 allows connecting a necessary amount of workplaces, VoIP phones, video cameras to the Ethernet with a minimal expense on a cable infrastructure. 

A switch is made in a body of a wall computer socket, which makes it convenient to assemble on a horizontal or a vertical surface. 


An appearance of a switch is represented on a picture below:


Рисунок 1.Коммутатор NP-SM4

Sockets and LEDs

A switch has 4 Ethernet ports 10/100BASE-TX. Two of them are on a front panel of a device, and the rest two ones are on left and right side panels. There is a socket for connecting an external power supply unit (not included into a shipping kit) on a back panel. There is a LED indicating a power supply availability on a top panel of a device.


Front PanelBack Panel
Left Panel     Right Panel

Power Supply Unit

 A device is shipped without a power supply unit included. A device can be fed from a POE Ethernet network or it is possible to plug an external power supply unit to a device with a voltage from 12V to 48V and a capacity not less than 5Watts (to feed a switch itself nonmetering POE consumers!).

If a device should operate as a POE injector for other devices in a network supporting an IEEE 802.3af/at standard, it is necessary to use a power supply unit with a voltage 48V! A capacity of a power supply unit must be enough to provide a total consumed capacity of a switch itself and all connected POE consumers.

 To plug an external power supply unit, a socket DJK-02A with a 2.1 mm dowel is used.

It is recommended to use Power Supply Unit 48V 1.5A  as an external power supply unit of a switch.