[SM4] Installation and Connection

Installation and Connection

For a successful installation of a switch, there is a need to fulfill the following:

  • Define, how the switch will be supplied: from an power supply unit or by PoE;
  • Define, which ports of the switch will provide a power supply by PoE technology to other devices;

Important!  A board of a switch is under 48 V voltage, which is dangerous for your life. To avoid an electric shock, always turn off a power supply of a switch before removing its lid. A switch operation with an opened lid is not allowed.

  • Install jumpers to transmit a power supply (Look at the Section “PoE Technology in NP-SM4 Switches”));
  • Put a switch in a place of planned installation;
  • Apply power to a switch. A LED will light up on a case of a device;
  • Connect patch cords to a switch.