[mini-UPS] Warranty

The manufacturer guarantees normal operation of the product within 24 months from the date specified on the warranty sticker if a buyer follows operating and storage conditions. Manufacturer warranty applies only to failure of a device which occurred because of defects in manufacturing process of products and components used. If during a warranty period the manufacturer receives a notice of such defects, it will repair or exchange the product (by its own discretion). If the manufacturer is unable to repair or replace a flawed item during a period of time determined by the current legislation, the manufacturer according to a customer’s wish can return the amount paid for the product at the time of purchase. The manufacturer provides a limited warranty on firmware and device configuration software. In case of detecting any errors in the software which became known to the manufacturer on its own or from a customer, the manufacturer will fix these errors within a reasonable time and provide an update for the customer. Only the errors that block normal use of the device at conditions and for performing functions described in this User Guide are a subject to mandatory fix. This warranty does not apply to cases when defects appear because of: a misuse of a device, any modifications of a device without a written permission of the manufacturer, opening up a device (a warranty sticker on the case of a device is damaged) except cases foreseen by this description; repairing by unauthorized personnel, using or storing a device out of the range of allowable temperature and humidity, pressure, a software modification, and the reasons, listed below:

  • A device failed because of the problems in a public electric network, plugging a device into power supply networks with invalid parameters, absence of grounding, etc. (power fluctuations and surges, overloading, etc.);
  • A device failed because of having liquid inside;
  • A device failed as a result of extreme temperatures;
  • A device failed because of mechanical damage;
  • A device failed because of connecting a power supply unit with invalid output voltage or a defective power supply unit;
  • There are foreign objects, insects, etc inside the enclosure;
  • During operation a voltage bigger than an allowable voltage range by the Ethernet standard has been supplied to the ports of a device.