[mini-UPS] Installation and Connection

NetPing mini-UPS can be installed on a horizontal or a vertical surface. A body of a device has holes for its mounting.

When mounting a device, there is a need to take into account the next restrictions:

  • Do not power a device from two different power supply units simultaneously using a socket DJK02 and terminals +DC/GND;
  • Avoid direct sunlight on a device;
  • Do not install a device near heat sources;
  • Do not connect any equipment, which can cause overload, to a devices outputs;
  • Do not open a body of a device;
  • Before a transportation or a long-term storage, set a switch BAT into the OFF position;
  • Keep a switch 5V – 12V in a 5V position, if you do not plan to use a terminal 12V. This will increase a battery life.

Important!  When switching to the OFF position, a device goes to a power supply standby mode. A device goes out of this mode only after connecting a power supply. Switching to the ON position does not lead a device out of a standby mode. In a standby mode a voltage is not fed to UPS outputs.