[ENG] [IOv2] Resetting Parameters to Default Values

To reset parameters to default values, perform the next actions:

  • Power off a device;
  • Install a jumper;
  • Switch power on;
  • Remove a jumper 5-10 seconds after switching power on.

NetPing IO v2 jumper reset settings

If a procedure is performed successfully, a LED light will blink initiating reset of parameters.

On default, the next parameters of a device are set:

User name: visor

Password: ping

IP address:

Subnetwork mask:

Gateway: not set

SNMPcommunity: SWITCH

MAC-address: 00 a2 xx xx xx xx

Here xx xx xx xx corresponds to a serial number of a device. Thus, all devices after being manufactured have unique MAC-addresses.

 After resetting parameters to default settings there is a need to do an initial configuration of a device.