[ENG] [IOv2] Operating and Storage Conditions

A device is designed for continuous round the clock operation indoors. In operating conditions of use, a device is resistant to an environment with temperature in a range of 0°С - +40°С (32 – 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and relative humidity in a range of 5% - 95 % at 25°С (77 degrees Fahrenheit) without moisture condensation. A device should be protected from direct moisture and direct sun light. 

A construction of a device provides a reliable uninterrupted work during a long period of time without maintenance. Highly developed functionality of remote setting and configuration of a device allows changing any parameters remotely and centrally for the most of the devices.

Devices should be stored in a temperature range between - 40°С and +70°С.

In rooms for keeping a device, a content of dust, acid and alkali gases, aggressive gases and other harmful impurities causing corrosion, should not exceed a content of corrosion-active agents for atmosphere of type 1.

Important! A device must be connected to a power supply socket with a grounding contact or a hole, where a contact, located at an outlet and connected to a ground wire, is inserted. Grounding must be performed according to the State Standard Р 50571.21-2000. An infraction of this rule is a violation of a device operation conditions and may be dangerous to human lives as well as damage other devices!