[ENG] [IOv2] Installation and Connection

To connect a device:

  1. Unpack a device;
  2. Connect necessary sensors (see the section "Plugging sensors");
  3. Insert wires in necessary connectors and tie them up with a screw;
  4. Plug a standard power supply unit of a device to power connectors, by using an adapter for NetPing IO v2. Plug a red wire of an adapter into an output 1, and a black wire into an output 3; 
    NetPing IO v2
  5. Insert a power supply unit to an electric outlet. A power indicator will light up;
    NetPing IO v2
  6. Insert an Ethernet cable into any Ethernet port of a device, plug it to a switch or directly to a network card of a computer;
  7. LED will light up that is located near the Ethernet port that is connected. When transmitting packages LED will blink from time to time;
    NetPing IO v2
  8. A default IP-address of a device is To perform the initial configuration of a device make sure that the address of your computer is in the same IP sub network with a device address. For example, the address of a computer may be: mask:;
  9. To perform an initial configuration of parameters of a device using a web interface, make sure that a device responds to a command ping its IP address;
  10. To configure a device, go to a web interface of a device via the address using a browser (it is desirable to use a browser Google Chrome of the latest version). To get authorized, use the next credentials:
  • Login: visor
  • Password: ping

A further configuration of a device is performed in a web interface of a device.

Important! A description of a device web-interface can be found in a separate document DKSF 253.X IU, where X – is a firmware number of a device, to which a description is applicable.