[ENG] 5.5. [DKSF 253.6 IU] Reset Signal and Initial Statuses of Outputs

At the start of the firmware operation or when clicking the button «Reset» at the page «LOGIC» of a device web interface, outputs, which are controlled by the logic, are set to a specified initial status. On default, this status is «off», or «logic 0». Another status can be set using a rule at the page «LOGIC», which uses a reset signal «RESET» as an input.

5 seconds after reset, a signal has the value «logic 1». A rule with a condition «= 1» works in the moment of reset. A rule with a condition «= 0» works 5 seconds after the moment of reset. Therefore, it is possible to form a 5-second external reset pulse at one or several outputs or provide a correct sequence of power supply to external devices.

If an operation of logic is stopped, rules «If/while RESET = 0», that correspond to completing of a signal «RESET», will operate after clicking a control button «Start» at the page «LOGIC» of a device web interface.