[ENG] 3.5. [DKSF 253.6 IU] How to Restrict Access to a Device?

To restrict an access to a device via HTTP and SNMP protocols, there is a need to go to the page «SETUP» of a device web interface:

In the section «Access Restrictions», it is possible to configure:

IP Filter is a field that determines an IP address or a subnetwork, from which it is allowed to configure and browse parameters of a device via HTTP, SNMP protocols. A subnet mask indicated in the field «IP Filter Netmask» is applied to the address indicated in the field «IP Filter». As a result, there is a subnetwork, from which it is allowed to manage a device. To allow access for an IP address, there is a need to indicate a mask in the field «IP Filter Netmask». On default:

IP Filter Netmask is a field to set or change the subnet mask filter to access a device. The value means that the access filter is disabled. On default:

When access filter parameters are set, a device will not respond to an ICMP request (ping).

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».