[ENG] 3.1. [DKSF 253.6 IU] How to Configure a Device Hostname, Its Location and Contact?

To configure a hostname and a location of a device as well as contact, there is a need to go to the page «SETUP» of a device web interface:

In the section «Device Identification» it is possible to configure:

Device Hostname – a domain name of a device. It allows distinguishing among several NetPing devices of the same type by their names. A name is displayed on the homepage and in the heading of a web interface, in an e-mail notification in the field «From:», in other notifications, and is available via SNMP – sysName.0. On default: empty line

Device Location – is a description of an installation place of a NetPing device. It is displayed in the heading of a web interface and available via SNMP – sysLocation.0. On default: empty line

Contact – is an administrator's contact data (usually, an e-mail). This information is available via SNMP – sysContact.0. On default: empty line

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».