[8PWR] Setting Parameters to Default Values (to the Factory Settings)

Resetting parameters to the factory settings is necessary in the following cases :

  • A loss of a login and/or password to a web interface of a device;
  • A lack of information about current IP address of a device;
  • In some cases after a device software update.

A procedure of resetting parameters to the factory settings changes all customizable parameters of a device to the default ones. (IP and MAC addresses, access filters, a user name, a password, etc.).

To reset parameters to default settings, fulfill the next actions sequentially:

  • Turn off a power supply of a device;
  • Press the Reset button (a button Set for a UniPing v3 monitoring unit);
  • Turn on a power supply of a device, continuing to hold Reset button pressed for 15-20 seconds;
  • Release the button. All parameters of a device are set to default settings.

On default, the next parameters of a device are set:

User name: visor

Password: ping

IP address:

Subnetwork mask:

Gateway: not set

SNMPcommunity: SWITCH

MAC-address: 00 a2 xx xx xx xx

Here xx xx xx xx corresponds to a serial number of a device. Thus, all devices after being manufactured have unique MAC-addresses.

After resetting parameters to default settings there is a need to do an initial configuration of a device.