[8PWR] Power Supply Channels Management

Channels Management

A NetPing 8/PWRv3/SMS device has eight independent power supply channels. Each channel is managed by a normally closed relay. A relay and tracks have a big power capacity reserve, which provides a high resistance of a device to overloading.

Each channel can be turned on or turned off independently from others by a command from a web-interface, by an SNMP command or an SMS-message. Likewise it is possible to automatically turn on or turn off a power supply channel according to a schedule or using a functionality of a Watchdog or a Logic. There is a need to remember that when a channel is managed by a functionality of a Watchdog or a Logic, it cannot be turned on or turned off manually (through a web-interface, SNMP, SMS).


Inputs Reservation

A device supports power supply inputs reservation. With this purpose, output power supply channels are divided into two groups, with four channels in each one. Group 1 – channels 1 - 4, Group 2 – channels 5 - 8. For each group a main input is set (1 or 2). Both groups can use the same input as a main one.

In cases of failure of a main input, a group of channels can be switched to a backup input - it is optional and is configured in a web-interface of a device. After recovery of a main input a group of channels returns back to it either automatically or by an administrator's command. This behavior is also programmed in a web-interface of a device. Switching of a group of output channels from one input to another can be done from a web-interface, by an SNMP command, SMS-message.

All switches between the inputs occur with a two-second power supply turning off of a group of channels.

Device's software guarantees consequent turning off (and consequent turning on) of output power supply channels while switching from a main input to a backup one to reduce a value of the switched current.

Connecting a Load to Output Channels

When connecting a load to output power supply channels there is a need to take into account capacity limits of a NetPing 8/PWRv3/SMS device. A maximum capacity of each channel separately is 1500 Watts. A maximum total capacity of four channels in one group is 1725 Watts. I.e., if a consumer with a maximum capacity of 1500 Watts is connected to a channel 1, then it is possible to connect a total load no more than 225 Watts to channels 2,3,4.

Each input can provide 3500Watts, therefore both groups of power supply channels can be fed from one input (1725Watts + 1725Watts = 3500Watts).