[8PWR] Device Overview

In this section a purpose of a NetPing 8/PWRv3/SMS device is described as well as its appearance.

Purpose of a Device

A NetPing 8/PWRv3/SMS device is an IP PDU device on 8 independently managed power supply channels, divided into two groups with four channels. A device's peculiarity is having two independent power supply inputs. Each input allows to provide a power supply to one or both groups of 4 output channels. Switching channels between power supply inputs can be done by a command from a web-interface of a device, from an SNMP interface of a device, with the help of SMS-message or automatically when a power supply disappears on a main input.


A device is designed in standard dimensions for installation in a 19' rack. A height of a device is 1U. Inputs and output power supply channels are on a front and back panels of a device. Fasteners for mounting in a rack ("ears") can be bolted to NetPing 8/PWRv3/SMS both front and back, which gives a possibility to mount a device in a rack by any side. An appearance of device is shown on the pictures.

Front panel:

Back panel: