[ENG] 9.1. [DKSF 48.5 IU] Configuration of the AC Inputs in the Device`s Web Interface

The Configuration of the AC inputs if carried out on the "AC OUTLETS" page ofthe device`s web interface. Here you can specify the input from which the power supply channel groups will be powered, as well as set additional automation settings for AC inputs:

In the power input configuration area, you can configure the following parameters:

Memo — a field for viewing or changing a brief description of power input. The maximum size is 30 characters. In default: empty line.

State of AC Input — a display of the voltage available at the inputs of the device. Possible states: «Voltage Ok», «No Voltage».

Connected Output Outlets — a display of the outlet groups connected to each power input.

Primary AC Input — setting the primary input for each outlet group. Both groups of outlets can be powered from a single input. In default: input 1 is primary for outlets 1 ... 4, input 2 is primary  for outlets 5 ... 8

Enable AC Backup — a checkbox that allows the transition of a group of outlets to a backup input in case of absence of voltage at the primary input. In default: the checkbox is not set, the transition to the backup input does not occur

Auto Revert to Primary AC Input — a checkbox, when installed, a group of outlets will be forced to switch to the primary input after voltage appears on it. In default: the checkbox is not set, auto-return to the primary input does not occur. 

Delay of Auto Revert, s — the delay time before returning to the primary input. 0-10 000 s.In default: 0. 

AC Backup is Active — a display of  the status of the input backup function for each outlet group. Possible states: “On”, “Off”. 

Manual Revert to Primary AC Input —  a button, when clicked, the outlet group will switch from backup to primary input.  when clicked, the outlet group will switch from backup to main input. The button is active when the "Enable AC Backup" mode is enabled for a group of outlets. This is an alternative to Auto Revert to Primary Input.

Switching of outlet groups between power inputs is accompanied by short-term shutdown of outlets!

When you switch off auto-revert to the primary input, after saving the relay settings, make sure that the group of outlets is connected to the desired input, as it was intended. When the auto-revert is switched off, the device tends not to switch the input while saving the settings, even if the primary input is changed in the new settings.

After changing all necessary parameters, press the "Apply Changes" button.