[ENG] 8.4. [DKSF 48.5 IU] What is a "Schedule" and How to Configure It?

A «Schedule» module allows configuring a schedule according to which a relay is going to switch on and off.

To use the “Schedule” module, relay control must be switched to “Schedule” or “Schedule + Watchdog” mode on the “AC OUTLETS” page of the device’s web interface. To configure the “Schedule” module, you have to press the “Schedule” button located on any of the eight control channels of the built-in relays:

All module settings are carried out in a pop up dialogue:

Enable Control of Relay — activation of relay control. If the checkbox is not installed, the relay will not be controlled from the "Schedule" module. In default: the checkbox is not installed. 

Weekly Schedule

 A schedule for the relay control is set in the settings dialogue . For each day of the week, six intervals can be configured in which the relay will be activated.

The interval starts from the time the relay was switched on (the "On" column) and ends with the time off (the "Off" column). The time is indicated in the format "hh:mm" in the range of 00:00 - 23:59. The time should increase from left to right: in the interval, the switch-on time should come earlier than the switch-off time, the switch-on time in interval 2 should come later than the switch-off time in interval 1. The cells can be left empty, and the next non-empty cell will work. It is permissible, for example, to switch on  “Mon” and off on “Fri”.

The column «Same as prev.day» allows changing the schedule of the previous days for the current day to make the schedule setting easier. In order to apply the schedule of the previous day to the current one, set the corresponding checkbox.

The operation time (“On” or “Off”) that was last performed is displayed in bold on the page, which allows you to quickly determine which action and in which interval will be performed next.

After setting all necessary parameters, there is a need to click the button «Apply changes».

Holiday Substitution

The lines «Aux 1», «Aux 2», «Aux 3» allow setting specific schedules for holidays. The binding of these schedules to the holidays is carried out in the section "HOLIDAY SUBSTITUTION".

The section “HOLIDAY SUBSTITUTION” allows you to set a special schedule for the holidays or to attach the schedule of any working day to the holiday. You can store up to eight holidays in the device’s memory.

In the entry field «Date», a date of a holiday is specified in the format «dd.mm» in the range 01.01 — 31.12.

The line “Substitute” indicates the schedule that will be used on this day. The drop-down list allows you to select the following options: “Mon”, "Teu", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun", "Aux 1", "Aux 2", "Aux 3".

Relay State in Default

The state of the relay when the time setting fails determines the reaction of the relay at the time of the reset in the device’s built-in clock. The following modes are possible:  «Use Faulty Time», «Permanent On», «Permanent Off».

This setting is activated if the time is reset to a date before 2000. If the time is reset to a date after 2000, the device will not use this setting.

Permanent On — при сборе установки времени реле всегда будет включено вне зависимости от настроенного расписания. when collecting the time setting, the relay will always be switched on regardless of the schedule set.

Permanent Off — when collecting the time setting, the relay will always be switched off regardless of the schedule set.

Use Faulty Time —  when collecting the time setting, the relay will continue its function on the base of the schedule set.  

 After configuring all the settings, press the "Apply Changes" button.