[ENG] 5.1. [DKSF 48.5 IU] Which Humidity Sensors are Supported By the Device?

The device does not support humidity sensors of the WS type

Устройство поддерживает подключение датчиков влажности типа 1-Wire. The device supports the connecting the humidity sensors of the 1-Wire type. 

To connect a 1-Wire humidity sensor, you must bind its unique number in the "Unique Id of 1W Sensor" entry field on the "HUMIDITY" page. The unique 1-Wire sensor number can be found by studying the section [ENG] 5.2. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How to Determine a Unique ID number of a 1 Wire Humidity Sensor?

The values of relative humidity, temperature, and status of humidity sensor are updated automatically with no need to reload a web page manually.