[ENG] 3.8. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How to Set up The Clock?

Setting the clock manually

To set the clock manually, there is a need to go to the page «SETUP» of a device web interface:

Setting the embedded clock RTC in the NetPing device

In the section «Embedded Clock (RTC)», it is possible to see and configure:

  • Current Date and Time — is a field for viewing current time;
  • New Date and Time (14 digits, format DDMMYYYYHHMMSS with no spaces) – is a field for setting the new time manually.

After setting the clock, click the button «Set Clock».

Time Synchronization with External NTP Servers

To configure synchronization with the external NTP servers, there is a need to go to the page «SETUP» of a device web interface.

This group of settings allows setting addresses of NTP-servers (servers of precise time), according to which a device will set and adjust its internal clock. Overall, it is possible to set up to 2 NTP-servers. If the first NTP-serer is unavailable, then a device will attempt to synchronize its time with the second one. It is possible to check the correctness of the adjustment by generating a time synchronization event and viewing this event in the log at the page «LOG».

Configuring time synchronization with NTP servers in the NetPing device

In the section «NTP Setup», there is a need to configure:

NTP Server #1 — configuring the first NTP- server. It is acceptable to indicate or an IP-address either a domain name. On default: ntp.netping.ru.

NTP Server #2 — configuring the second NTP- server. It is acceptable to indicate or an IP-address either a domain name. On default: the address is not specified.

If an IP-address of an NTP-server is specified in the settings of the device, a device will attempt to get precise time and will synchronize its internal clock with the precise time if successful. After the time synchronization, there will be two records in the log that represent the time leap when the clock is reset to the precise time. If the time received at synchronization with an NTP-server is different from the time of the internal clock for less than 5 minutes, the clock is not reset. Instead, the pace of internal clock is changed in the way to make the internal time equal to the precise time received from the NTP-server. Thanks to this, there is no time leap in the list of events in the log, which simplifies the analysis of the log.

Timezone — a configuration of a local timezone. On default: UTC+03.00.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) — is a manual configuration of the daylight saving time. When a checkbox is checked, the internal clock of the device shifts an hour ahead. On default: a checkbox is not checked.

You can use freely available NTP servers on the Internet as NTP servers. For example, one from http://www.pool.ntp.org/, specifically:

To use the NTP servers from the Internet, a device is going to have a gateway correctly configured, and a device should have the Internet connection via an NTP protocol.

To set a new date and time do the following: set the timezone and save the configurations, then fill in the fields of the new date and time according to the format specified at the webpage, and click the button «Apply changes».