[ENG] 2.4. [DKSF 48.5 IU] I Need to Know the Firmware and Hardware Versions, the Serial Number, the Device Model and Uptime. How Can I Do It?

 The information about the serial number, the device model, the firmware version, the hardware version  and the uptime you can find on the "HOME" page of the device`s web-interface:


The Serial Number is a unique device identification number. It has to coincide with the number on the sticker of the device itself. The Serial Number of the device cannot be changed. 

The Device Model - is the model name, which is indicated both on the device case and in the web interface.

The Firmware Version —is the current firmware version installed in the device.

The firmware version number is  DKSF PPP.VV.SS.C-M (for example, DKSF 48.4.5.A-1), where:

  • DKSF — a special prefix for all firmware of Allentis Electronics LLC.
  • PPP —  the model number of the device which the firmware is needed for.

    The project numbers usually, but not necessarily, coincide with the project number of the device’s hardware platform.

    VV -  is the version number. Versions are numbered starting from 1. The version number changes to the next one, if a significant expansion or change in functionality occurs during the development process.
    SS -  is the subversion number. The subversion number changes with any firmware update, including when fixing errors, updating internal modules, optimization;
    C  - is a symbol showing the type of the given software version. A - a stable Russian version of the software, B - a version for testing or the first version of the new firmware. E is a stable English version.
    M is a numerical suffix indicating the modification (option) of the device model  which the firmware is needed for.

The Hardware Version isthe version of a printed circuit board and/or the compete set of this device. 

The Uptime is the operating time of the equipment since the last moment of power-on or reboot.