[ENG] 2.3. [DKSF 48.5 IU] Connecting to The Web-Interface of a Device with Authentication in Default

Web Interface

A web interface is used to manage a device. To connect to a device and configure its parameters, there is a need to enter and IP address of a device in the address bar of a browser: 

When working in Internet Explorer, web interface operation speed can be decreased. It is recommended to use the latest version of Google Chrome.

Use a command ping from a command line to check a connection with a device:


IP address of a computer should be in the same subnetwork with an IP address of a device! For example, if a device has an IP address, then a computer should have address mask


While connecting, a device will request authentication by entering login and password.

On default:

Make sure that a device responds to ping after the first device activation as well as after resetting its parameters.

It is prohibited to use non-ASCII characters ("№", "®", "«" and others, as well as any Cyrillic character) in a username and a password. Otherwise, authentication issues may arise in a web interface in browsers except Google Chrome.