[ENG] 15.8 [DKSF 48.5 IU] Control of The GSM Modem

The interface of URL-encoded commands in the device can be used to integrate with web applications without using the SNMP protocol. Via the interface of URL-encoded commands, control of the built-in GSM modem is available.

Sending SMS

The URL is called by the POST method. POST data is an SMS text encoded in UTF-8. You can read more about sending arbitrary SMS messages in the section [ENG] 12.1. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How to Find Out a USSD Balance on a SIM-card

In order to send SMS in encoding Windows 1251, you can use:

Return values

Successful completion of the command


Error in the request text


GSM modem is busy


SIM card balance request


code request — a[code]x.For example, a100x, which means * 100 #. In the USSD code of the request, “*” is replaced by “a”, “#” is replaced by “x” (Latin characters).

Return values

Successful execution of the command


Receiving a response to a SIM card balance reques

Call in 20 minutes after requesting SIM card balance.

Return values

Successful execution of the command