[ENG] 12.5. [DKSF 48.5 IU] The Receiving of SMS-Notifications by Watchdog Events

 For the configuration of SMS NOTIFICATIONS by watchdog events you need to open the page "SMS" of the device`s web interface: 

In the section "SMS NOTIFICATIONS" it is possible to configure:

Pinger Event (Loss or Restoration of communication) - while detecting the loss and restoration of communication of the checked network node there will be the sending of SMS Notifications to the mobile numbers registered in the section "SMS NOTIFICATION DESTINATIONS"  in the page "SMS" of the device`s web interface. In the section "PINGER" in the page "SMS" you can configure the address for checking network node availability by IP address  in the entry field "Address to poll with ping" and the period for checking in the entry field "Period, s (30-9999)"

Ethernet Link Status change — when this event happens the SMS notifications sending will be implemented to the mobile numbers set in the "SMS Notification Destinations" on the page "SMS".

The operating parameters of the "Pinger" module on the page "SMS":

1. The poll of the configured IP address starts once in a specified period (the parameter "Period, s (30-9999)".
2. The wait period for the responce from an IP address is 2 seconds.
3. The number of retries of checking the IP address is 8.
4. If there is no response from the checked network node for 8 repetitions, “Pinger” reports that there is no connection with the specified IP address.
5. If there is a responce from the checked network node at the next polling period, "Pinger" reports that there is a connection with the specified IP address.

In order to find out how to register phone numbers for sending SMS notifications  you can study the section [ENG] 12.2. [DKSF 48.5 IU] I Need to Configure the Number to Send SMS Notifications. How Can I Do This?

After configuration all the necessary parameters press the button "Apply Changes".