[ENG] 12.3. [DKSF 48.5 IU] GSM Modem Troubleshooting

 If SMS notifications are not sent for any reasons and the device is not controlled by SMS commands, you can reboot the GSM modem on the  page "SMS" of the device’s web interface. In the  "GSM MODEM TROUBLESHOOTING" section, click the “Reboot GSM” button, after that the modem will reboot:

In the entry field "Last error of GSM modem (hit F5 to refresh)" the data and time of the last modem error is indicated as well as the error itself. To display the current error press the F5 key.

After rebooting and initializing the GSM modem, you can send a test SMS message by pressing the “Test SMS” button.

As a result, the mobile numbers registered in the section "SMS NOTIFICATION DESTINATIONS AND SMS COMMANDS SOURCES" on the page "SMS" of the device`s web interface should get the SMS message with the text "NetPing SMS Test".