[ENG] 12.10. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How to Know IMEI of a Built-In GSM Modem?

To get an IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) of a built-in GSM modem, there is a need to go to a service page of a web-interface of a device via the address:

where: – is a default IP address of a NetPing device;

/at.html – is a service page for sending AT-commands

To send an AT-command for receiving an IMEI, there is a need to:

  1. Type the command «AT+CGSN» into an empty field and click the button «Send».
    Служебная страница web-интерфейса для отправки AT-команд в устройстве NetPing
  2. Click the link «Get result» to view an IMEI of a built-in GSM modem.
    Страница просмотра результата выполнения AT-команд устройства NetPing