[ENG] 12.1. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How to Find Out a USSD Balance on a SIM-card

In order to find out the balance on the SIM-card installed in the slot of the built-in GSM modem, open the “SMS” page of the device’s web interface:


In the section "USSD REQUEST" you have to:

  1. indicate the USSD-code for requesting the USSD balance of the corresponding telecom operator; 
  2. Apply Changes;
  3. Press the "Send USSD " button.

In several seconds you can see the information about the USSD balance on your SIM-card in the entry field "Reply on USSD Request"

You can also find out your balance using HTTP API, sending the USSD request and them receiving the response. You can find out more about it in the section [ENG] 15.8 [DKSF 48.5 IU] Control of The GSM Modem.