[ENG] 11.3. [DKSF 48.5 IU] Can I Play Back the IR Commands via SNMP?

IR commands can be played back via SNMP protocole. The necessary information is contained in the MIB file which corresponds to the applicable firmware version of the device. You can download the MIB file on the device description pages in the websire or our company http://www.netpingdevice.com/products/netping-8-pwr-220-v4-sms. The recording of the commands is only possible with the help of the device`s web interface. 

The playback of IR commands via SNMP protocole:

  1. Before you make an IR command, make sure that the transceiver is in a standby condition, reading the status via OID . The status value «commandCompleted (0)» or «commandAccepted (2)» means tha IR transceiver is ready to play the IR command. 
  2. To make an IR command, write down the command number (the cell number of the saved command) in the OID .
  3. If the transceiver is in the error state, the reset is performed by recording the value “1” to OID . (valid for IR module expansion IRC-TR v1).
  4.  After the reset of the command,  you have to wait for the readiness of the IR Module, reading the status. If repeated playback of the IR command does not violate the logic of the equipment operating, then it is better to repeat the process of the command 2–4 times, each time checking the readiness before executing the command.

All the states of and IR extension module you can see in MIB file DKSF_48.5.x_ MB.mib (OID «npIrStatus») or on the page of our website http://www.netpingdevice.com/products/netping-8-pwr-220-v4-sms or on the page [ENG] 14.3. [DKSF 48.5 IU] Which OID are Supported By the Device? of this firmware description.