[ENG] 10.4. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How Can I Configure The Pinger in the Logic Module?

In order to configure the pinger you have to open the "LOGIC" page of the device`s web interface: 

In the “PINGER” section, you can configure the network accessibility of the specified address. The result of the check (pinger status) can be selected as the “input” of the logic rule. You can find out how to configure a rule in the "LOGIC" module by studying the section [ENG] 10.2. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How Can I Use the "LOGIC" Module? You can configure no more than two pingers - “PINGER 1”, “PINGER 2”. A typical application of a pinger is automatic power-up of backup equipment in case of connection line failure.


AddressIP address of the device which is checked for availability. An empty line disables the poll. In Default: empty line.

Polling Period, s (5–900) — the value is selected according to the speed of detecting the fault.  Please also note that overly frequent power switching can reduce equipment service life.If there is no ICMP response, echo (ping) is repeated after the timeout is completed, and not when the next polling period occurs. In Default: 15. 

Ping Timeout, ms (100-10000)  is ping response timeout. The timeout is selected for the reasons of typical device response speed, taking into account network delays. If there is no response to ping after a timeout, the ping is repeated immediately. If after five periods of sending there is no response, the status of the pinger changes to “silent”, and retries stop until the next verification period. In Default: 1000.

Status — possible values: «No reply», «Silent», «-». If the poll is not completed, the status can be unidentified.  In this case rules that depend on the pinger do not create any commands and their outputs are controlled by the other rules ot save the previous state. The pinger status is updated automatically about four times a minute.  

If you use domain names, you should take into accont that due to the unavailability of the DNS server or the lack of an IP address in the settings, the "LOGIС" DNS module will not be able to determine the availability of the polled address. "Pinger" changes into the "silent" status.

 After configuration of the pinger values you should press the "Apply Changes" button. 

 After pinger configuration you have to set up the rule in the "LOGIC" module. How to do it, learn this section: [ENG] 10.2. [DKSF 48.5 IU] How Can I Use the "LOGIC" Module?