[ENG] Safety Precautions

The next information will allow users to avoid both injuries and damaging a device as well as connected equipment.

  • A device must be plugged to a power supply socket with a ground or a hole, where a contact is inserted. A contact must be located at a plug and be connected to a ground wire. Grounding must be implemented according to ГОСТ Р 50571.21-2000;
  • A device must be used only in a power supply network, indicated by a manufacturer. Using any other power supply types may lead to damaging a device;
  • Do not use damaged power cords as well as insecurely fixed wall sockets;
  • An electric equipment with electricity consumption of more than 1500 W must be grounded;
  • It is prohibited to open the case of a device;
  • Do not drop a device and avoid impact of force on it;
  • Protect a device from high humidity levels. It is prohibited to touch a device and a connected equipment with wet hands;
  • Use devices only indoors;
  • Do not place a device at a surface or inside heating devices, such as microwaves, stoves and heaters;
  • Do not use a device in locations marked as potentially explosive, with a possibility of an explosion and a ban on the use of wireless devices (works for devices with a built-in GSM modem);
  • Protect a device against fire and extreme temperatures;
  • Avoid impact of direct sunlight on a device;
  • Do not allow children to use a device.

Attention! Failure to comply with these conditions is a violation of the operating conditions of a device.