[ENG] Appearance and Specifications of a Device

Вид спереди устройства Netping 4PWR-220 v3SMS

Picture 1 Front appearance of a device with a plugged 1-Wire temperature sensor

Передняя панель устройства Netping 4PWR-220 v3SMS

Picture 2 Front panel of a device

Sockets, LEDs and controls at the front panel:

  1. Sockets for connecting sensors of the 1-Wire standard (temperature, humidity sensors);
  2. LED indicators of a status of power supply channels;
  3. Ethernet ports 10/100 BASE-TX with CPU and LINK LEDs;
  4. LED indicator of a GSM signal;
  5. A slot for inserting the SIM card;
  6. A socket for plugging in a GSM antenna;
  7. «Reset» button for resetting parameters to default values


CPU LEDs near Ethernet ports glow constantly when a device is powered, and flash when transferring packages to the network.

LINK LED near an Ethernet port glows constantly when there is a connection at a corresponding port, and flashes from time to time when receiving packages from the network.

LED indicators of a status of power supply channels are numbered corresponding to a numeration of output sockets of power supply channels at the back panel of a device (Picture 4).

Вид сзади устройства Netping 4PWR-220 v3SMSPicture 3 Back appearance of a device

Задняя панель устройства Netping 4PWR-220 v3SMS

Picture 4 Back panel of a device


Sockets at the back panel:

  1. Input socket for a power supply cable;
  2. Output sockets for power supply channels.



Product Specifications


Total power output

3.5 kW

Power output of one socket

1.5 kW

Consumption capacity of a device

6 W

Power supply voltage


Battery life8 hours

Power plug types


Length of a removable power cord

1 m

Device dimensions

220 x 175 x 42

Package dimensions

240 x 180 x 101


1270 g