[ENG] 6.3. [DKSF 54.3 IU] I Want to Configure Sending Notifications for Events on Triggering a Relay. How to Do This?

To configure notifications about triggering a relay, there is a need to go to the page «RELAYS» of a device web interface:

Relay page of a web interface of a NetPing device

When clicking a button «Setup», a menu of settings appears for sending notifications of the next types: Log, Syslog, E-mail, SMS and SNMP Trap:

Configuring notifications about triggering a relay of a NetPing device


Commands for Switching On/Off – is a checkbox, when checked, notifications about receiving a command to change a relay status will be sent.

Reset (Flip for Short Period) – is a checkbox, when checked, notifications about short-term switching on/off a relay will be sent.

Relay Switched  is a checkbox, when checked notifications about changing a physical status of a relay will be sent

Include in Summary Report  is a checkbox, when checked, reports about a status of a relay will be sent through an e-mail, SMS and/or SNMP Trap. Time of sending reports is specified on the pages «SMS» and «E-MAIL», sending periodic SNMP Trap is configured on the page «SETUP» in the section «SNMP TRAP».

Using checkboxes «Use common snmpTrapOID for all Events» and «Use common snmpTrapOID for all Sensor Numbers», it is possible to send all events from all relays in a single snmpTrapOID notification or divide the events and relay channel numbers by different snmpTrapOID notifications, up to totally individual ones. This allows receiving individual SNMP Trap notifications for processing them in monitoring systems.

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».