[ENG] 5.5. [DKSF 54.3 IU] Is It Possible to Set a Description for Humidity Sensors?

To set a description for humidity sensors, there is a need to go to the page «HUMIDITY» of a device web interface:

Configuring a description of humidity sensors of a web interface of a NetPing 4PWR-220 v4SMS device

A description for humidity sensors is set in the field «Memo».

Memo – is a field for setting a brief description of a humidity sensor. A memo is used in SYSLOG and Log notifications and is included into SNMP TRAP notifications, SMS notifications (for a device with a built-in GSM modem), e-mail notifications, e-mail reports about a status of sensors. A maximum size is 30 characters. On default: empty line

After changing the settings, there is a need to save parameters by clicking the button «Apply changes».