[ENG] 5.3. [DKSF 54.3 IU] Initial Configuring Humidity Sensors

On the page «HUMIDITY» of a device web interface, readings of humidity sensors connected to a device are displayed. Totally, up to 4 humidity sensors of a 1-Wire model line can be connected.

Configuring 1-Wire humidity sensors in a NetPing 4PWR-220 v4SMS device

To connect a sensor, specify its unique ID in the field «Unique ID of 1W Sensor».

Unique ID of 1W Sensor – is a unique number of a 1-Wire humidity sensor that is connected to a 1W socket. The Id consists of four four-digit numbers in a hexadecimal numeral system. On defaultempty line

A unique Id of a 1-Wire sensor can be learned in two ways:

  1. A unique ID of a 1-Wire sensor can be glued on a sticker on the sensor itself;
  2. A unique ID of a 1-Wire humidity sensor can be learned from the section «[ENG] [Draft]5.2. [DKSF 54.3 IU] How to Determine a Unique ID of a 1-Wire Humidity Sensor?»