[ENG] 4.1. [DKSF 54.3 IU] What Temperature Sensors a Device Supports?

A device supports connecting temperature sensors of a 1-Wire type

A device does not support temperature sensors of the types TS, WT, and T811.

To connect a 1-Wire temperature sensor, there is a need to link its unique number to Sensor X in the field «Unique Id of 1W sensor» on the page «TEMPERATURE». 

Unique number of a 1W temperature sensor of a NetPing 4PWR-220 v4SMS device

A unique Id of a 1-Wire sensor can be learned from the section «[ENG] [Draft]4.2. [DKSF 54.3 IU] How to Determine a Unique Number of 1-Wire Temperature Sensor?».

Temperature values and statuses of temperature sensors are updated automatically and there is no need to reload a web page manually.

It is possible to plug up to 8 temperature sensors to a device