[ENG] 3.12. [DKSF 54.3 IU] Log of a Device

A page «LOG» of a web interface represents an operation of a device. In a log, all events are recorded in a chronological order. All notifications of a log are duplicated via a SYSLOG protocol if an IP address of a SYSLOG server is specified in settings of a device.

A log is located in a nonvolatile memory. All notifications are recorded in a circle, i.e. the oldest notification is rewritten by a new one.

The first time tag in a log is 01.01.70 Mon 00:00: 00.UTC. If an IP address of an NTP server is specified in the settings of a device, a device will try to get precise time and, if successful, it will synchronize its internal clock with a precise time. After a time synchronization, there will be two records in a log that illustrate a time-lap when the clock was reset to a precise time. If the time that was obtained after synchronizing with an NTP server is different from the internal clock for more than 5 minutes, the clock is not reset. A pace of the internal clock is changed so that the internal time got the same as a precise time received from an NTP server in some time. Thanks to this, there is no time lap in the list of events in a log, which makes a log analysis easier.

System log of a NetPing 4PWR-220 v4SMS device