[ENG] 3.11. [DKSF 54.3 IU] How to Update Firmware of a Device?

To update the firmware, there is a need to:

  1. Download the actual firmware from the official website of a company (a page with a description of a device, the section «Documentation and Files»);
  2. Go to the page «FIRMWARE» of a device web interface. Using this page, you can update the firmware of a device without using specific applications. To do this, you will need a browser that supports HTML 5 API. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer older than 9th version are recommended;
    Updating firmware in a web interface of a NetPing device
  3. Drop a firmware file to the indicated area of the page;
  4. Wait until the firmware is copied to a device;
  5. Click the button «Update Firmware»

Wait for a notification about a successful completion of the operation:

A successful completion of the firmware update process of a NetPing device

Retry the attempt if the update process was interrupted. A web interface (pages «HOME», «SETUP», «FIRMWARE») will be accessible even after unsuccessful firmware update.

Certain settings of the system can be changed after a firmware update. Do not forget to check the parameters that are important for the operation.


1. If there was a mistake with a firmware version or a file does not have the extension .npu, the next information notification will appear during dropping a file in the indicated area of the page:

This file does not contain suitable firmware for a NetPing device

2. Always before downgrading a firmware  version, the next information notification appears in a device web interface:

It is not recommended to downgrade a firmware version in a NetPing device

We recommend making sure to contact a technical support via the address support@netping.ru before starting the process of downgrading the firmware.