[ENG] 3.10. [DKSF 54.3 IU] How to Receive Notifications and Reports via Email?

To configure the module for sending e-mail notifications and reports about a status, there is a need to go to the page «E-MAIL» of a web interface. The equipment sends notifications using an SMTP protocol. 

Events, on which e-mail notifications will be sent, are set at other pages of a device web interface.


Enable Sending of E-mail – when unchecking the checkbox a device will not send e-mail notifications. This was designed, first of all, to handle maintenance in a server room, as well as the one of the equipment. On default: checkbox is not checked

SMTP Server Address  is an email address for an incoming mail. On default: empty line

SMTP Server TCP Port  is an email server port, which works via an SMTP protocol. On default: 25

Username  is a username of an SMTP server. On default: empty line

Password  is a password of an SMTP server user. On default: empty line

From  a sender's address. On default: empty line

To  a destination address for e-mail notifications. On default: empty line

Copy To (сс:) – addresses of secondary recipients for e-mail notifications, to whom a copy is sent. On default: empty line

Time for Summary Reports (HH:MM 24h format, up to 12 time points, divided by space) – is a time when reports on a status of sensors will be sent via e-mail. On default: empty line

After setting the parameters, click the button «Apply changes».

It is possible to add displaying of a device name to an e-mail notification. The way how to do this is described on the page «3.1. [DKSF 54.3 IU] How to Configure a Hostname, Location, and Contact of a Device?»

A device can work only with those mail servers that support an SMTP protocol and authentication methods AUTH PLAIN and AUTH LOGIN, as well as a method without authentication! At the same time, a device cannot support SSL, TLS or another encoding!