[ENG] 2.4. [DKSF 54.3 IU] I Need to Know the Version of Firmware and Hardware, Serial Number, Model and Uptime of a Device

The information about a serial number and model of a device, firmware and hardware versions, and uptime can be viewed on the home page of a device web interface:

Viewing a serial number, a firmware version, a hardware version, and uptime of a NetPing 4PWR-220 v4SMS


Serial number – is a unique identification number of a device. It must coincide with a number on a sticker of a device. A serial number of a device cannot be changed.

Device model – is a name of a model that is indicated both in the case of a device and in its web interface.

Firmware version – is a current firmware version that is installed in a device.

A firmware version number looks like DKSF PPP.VV.SS.C-M (for example, DKSF 54.2.1.A-1), where:

  • DKSF – is a specific prefix for all firmware versions of the company «Alentis Electronics» Ltd;
  • PPP – is a device model number, for which the firmware is designed.

 Project numbers usually, but not necessarily, coincide with a project number in hardware of a device.

  • VV – is a version number. Versions are numbered starting from 1. A version number is changed to the next one if, in the process of development, there is a considerable extension of change in the functionality;
  • SS – is a number of a subversion. A number of a subversion is changed at any firmware update, including bug fixes, updating internal modules, and optimization;
  • С – is a character that represents a type of the firmware version. А - is a stable Russian firmware version, В - is a version for testing or the first version of new firmware. E - is a stable English version;
  • М – is a numeric suffix that represents a modification (variant) of a device model, for which firmware is designed

Hardware version – is a version of a printed circuit board and/or the equipment of the device.

Uptime – is the time of the equipment operation since the moment of the last switching on or rebooting.