[ENG] 14.5. [DKSF 54.3 IU] Receiving an SMS Notification about Previously Determined Events

To configure SMS notifications about a previously specified events, there is a need to go to the page «SMS» of a device web interface:Configuring events for sending SMS notifications from a NetPing device

In the section «SMS NOTIFICATIONS», it is possible to configure:

  • Switch to backup battery, battery discharge warning  when a device switches to a backup power, an SMS notification will be sent to phone numbers, specified in the section «GSM SETUP» on the page «SMS» of a device web interface;
  • Pinger Events (Loss or Restoration of communication)  when it is discovered that the connection with the tested host failed and was restored, an SMS notification is sent to the destination phone numbers specified in the section «GSM SETUP» on the page «SMS» of a device web interface. In the section «Pinger», on the page «SMS», it is possible to configure the address for testing the availability of a network node in the field «Address to ping» and the interval for testing in the field «Polling Period, s (30-9999)»:

Configuring a Pinger on a webpage SMS of a web interface of a NetPing device

Parameters of the operation of the module «Pinger» on the page «SMS» are as follows:

1. Polling a configured address is performed once in a specified period of time (parameter «Polling Period, s (30-9999)»);
2. Time of waiting a response from the address is 2 seconds;
3. A number of repeats of polling the address is 8;
4. If there is no response from a tested host for 8 repeats, «Pinger» announces that the connection with the indicated address is lost;
5. If there is a response from the tested address during the next polling period, «Pinger» announces that there is a connection with the specified address.

It is possible to learn how to specify destination phone numbers for sending SMS notifications by studying the section «[ENG] 14.2. [DKSF 54.3 IU] I Need to Specify the Number for Sending SMS Notifications. How Should I Do That?».

After setting all necessary parameters, click the button «Apply changes».