[ENG] [DKST 51] Using IO Lines in the «Output» Mode for Controlling External Devices

Caution! There is 12V and up to 200 mA at the input/output lines (l1-l4) of the device in the «output» mode (not a typical "discrete output"). If used not right, the connected equipment may fail. 

Input-Output (IO) lines of a device can be used to operate as "input" as well as the "output" to manage external devices.

A device has four IO lines, corresponding to contacts I1 – I4 of a terminal block. IO lines are configured for the operation as an input or an output using a controlling web-interface of a device or using URL-encoded commands. All four IO lines can be customized independently.

IO lines can be controlled by SNMP commands, URL-encoded commands, via a web-interface or using SMS-commands (for devices with a built-in GSM modem).

Use cases include the following:

  • Rebooting remote servers  – an imitation of pressing “reset”;
  • Remote management of an alarm, a light, a fan;
  • Management of an electric lock, electric gates on a remote object;
  • Management of smart home elements - watering flowers, opening-closing louvers, water pump, heating boiler, heaters, etc.
  • Remote management of a power installation (diesel generator, gasoline).

Important! Correct electrical coordination of IO lines is required when connecting external executive devices.

Important! IO lines do not have galvanic isolation with a device! Remember about electrical safety when using relays that commutate 220 V circuits. All work must be done by specialists with a corresponding qualification who have a permit to work with the voltage!

It is acceptable to use intermediate relays with a power supply voltage 12 V from an external source. A controlled socket NetPing AC/DIN socket can be used for connecting IO lines. In addition, we can advise ready assembly relays, which can be connected to our devices:

  • BM8070D a power relay 16А/250V for DIN-rail (check out the compatibility of this relay with the NetPing device model on the relay web page on the site);
  • MP701 executive element (4 independent channels, 2 kW 10A each) (check out the compatibility of this relay with the NetPing device model on the relay web page on the site); 

For more detailed information, please contact technical support at support@netpingdevice.com.

Electric Parameters of IO Lines

In the «output»: mode

  • the voltage of logic «1»: push-pull 12V, up to 200mA;
  • the voltage of logic «0»: 0V, up to 200mA.

The push-pull mode allows controlling the loads, such as LED beacons, sirens, power relays without intermediate relays and signal amplifiers. 

In the «input» mode:

  • the voltage of logic «1»: > 8,2 V;
  • the voltage of logic «0»: < 3,5 V.

Equivalent circuit