[ENG] [DKST 51] Resetting Parameters to Default Values

Resetting parameters of the device to default values is necessary in the next cases:

  • a login and/or a password to the web interface of the device is lost;
  • no information about a current IP address of the device;
  • in some cases, after the firmware update procedure

This procedure sets all configured parameters of the device (an IP-address, access filters, a user name, a password, and other settings) into the default values.

To reset parameters in default values, perform the next actions one by one:

  • disable the external module for batteries 85M2;
  • power off the device;
  • click the «Reset» button for resetting parameters;
  • switch the device on, while keeping the «Reset» button pressed during 15-20 seconds;
  • release the button, all parameters of the device are reset to default values.

Quick clicking the button for resetting parameters «Reset» reboots the device.

Resetting Parameters to Default Values

The device has got the next default parameters:

The User name: visor

The Password: ping

The IP address:

The Subnet mask:

The Gateway: not set

SNMP community: SWITCH

MAC-address: 00 a2 xx xx xx xx

Here, xx xx xx xx corresponds to a serial number of a device. Thus, all devices have unique MAC addresses after manufacture.

After resetting parameters to default values, there is a need to perform the initial configuration of the device – more information see in the document «Firmware Description». Where to Get a Document with a Firmware Description?