[ENG] [DKST 51] Overview and Key Features

It is possible to connect up to two power consumers of the total capacity of 1500W to a device using controlled electric outlets. To be protected from a short circuit in load and/or exceeding the maximum permissible power, the device is equipped with an automatic built-in resettable fuse. Spreading the load capacity between the two channels is random. The load connected to the device is controlled using the own web interface, SNMP protocol, using HTTP API and by SMS (for a NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 device  with a built-in GSM modem). The device has a feature of a «watchdog» that allows to reboot connected equipment automatically if it freezes or according to a previously specified schedule. Electric load of each of the two channels is controlled independently from each other, at the same time, individual settings are possible for any of these channels. 


General appearance. A photo represents a model NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15

NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 general appearance

Front view

NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 front view

Back view

NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 back view

Device Specifications

Device Specifications


Switched load power

up to 1,5 kW (in total for both channels with the random distribution between the channels)

Device power consumption

8.5 W

Supply voltage frequency

100..250В 50/60 Hz

Temperature range-30С°..+50С° (non-condensing, normal humidity).

Device dimensions

145 x 78 x 57

Packaging dimensions

225 x 93 x 82


357 g.