[ENG] [DKST 51] Operating, Storage, Transportation and Disposal Information

It is allowed to use the device only in excellent technical condition and for the direct purpose only according to the user guide. The operation of the device should be realized according to the «Rules for the technical operation of consumer electrical installations».

There is a need to immediately eliminate all factors that can cause a decrease in the safety level of using the device.

The device is designed to work continuously without interruptions around the clock indoors only. A room designed for the device to operate in must fulfill the fire safety requirements.

When used within operating conditions, the device is resistant to the air temperature from -30°С to +50°С (without condensation, normal air humidity).

The design of the device provides reliable uninterrupted operation during a continuous period of time without the need for special maintenance. Developed functionality of remote configuration allows changing any parameters remotely and centrally for a large number of devices.

If there are any problems in using the device and for the additional information, contact the technical support please using the address support@netpingdevice.com.

The device can be stored at the temperature between -40°С and +70°С and the atmospheric pressure from 675 to 800 mm Hg. It can be stored in the conditions of the extreme values of the range for no more than 6 hours.

In storage rooms, the content of dust, vapors of acids and alkalis, corrosive gases and other harmful impurities that cause corrosion should not exceed the content of corrosive agents for the atmosphere type 1.

The device can be transported by any means of transport, when packaged and protected from the direct impact of atmospheric precipitations at the temperature between -40°С and +70°С. It can be transported in the conditions of the extreme values of the range for no more than 6 hours.

Before unpacking after transporting at the temperatures below zero, there is a need to keep the device packaged at normal conditions during an hour minimum.

This device poses no danger to life, people`s health or environment and after the service (operation) period is over, it must be disposed of by the service organization according to the regulations, rules, and ways that are effective at the disposal site. The device can be recycled. Do not throw it away together with the household wastes.